Saturday, 27 February 2016

Tongan Lei/Kahoa

Today at tech I had the research all about the Tongan Lei and Kahoa. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

First day at Tech

Today was our first day back at tech, We had to create our own designs that are connected to our own culture I found it hard to draw what I needed to draw.

Home learning

This is our home learning for the week we had to find out When/Where the Sydney Opera house was made, Who uses it, and Why it was there and What were the materials to build it. My buddy was Micaiah we both had to do this together we found that it was hard but at the some time easy.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Dear Term Four Paige

Dear Term Four Paige
Hey, yeah it’s term one Paige; I just wanted to say “I can’t believe you have made it through the year I’m so proud”.  I hope you have completed a lot of cool things over this year and totally enjoyed the year because you have a lot of different and better opportunities over the year.

I hope you have joined as many sport games as possible and that you tried your very best and hopefully you would have competed in lots of events, joined in on sport activities and played for the school netball team. By joining in on lots of different sport game over the year.

You should have became a better speaker and hopefully you can now speak to big groups of people without being scared at all by taking as many talking opportunities to speak to people as possible over this year, that would be the such a good thing to be able to do. Do you feel it’s now a lot easier to talk to big groups of people?

I should have NO must have keeped my levels up, or even higher I hope you are now in the highest level for maths, reading and also writing. Do you enjoy doing your work? Have you learnt a lot (well you should have you do have the best teachers in school).

Good luck with prizegiving make sure you get that maths award because you have the so much more to show and best of all enjoy the year “Strive to Achieve”.
Well done I hope you're in the school Netball team with Micaiah you will now be so good at this game it is unreal! You would have joined the team, made a great effort for your team and mostly for yourself.

Have you made a good rep people will remember you by? Have you enrolled to a good college yet? Mostly have you had a good ending to the year? (If you haven’t FIX IT!!!!)

From Term Paige One

This is my Dear Term four Me I can't wait to reply to this letter I think this is a really good thing to do at the beggining of the year!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Learning about LS2

We used statistics to help us find out about our new class, Learning Space 2 (LS2). To do this we needed to plan, carry out a statistical inquiry and analyse the data we gathered.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Today I learnt how to stretch my sentences using this to help me.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Today is our first day back at school, We have been talking about the word "Trump" We thourght about the words we have behide "Trump" Like Thinking, Relating, Under standing, Managing self, and Paticipating. We then took photos of what it looks like, after we had fineshed taking all our needed photos when then made our own photo story.