Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book Week

This week is Book Week. To celebrate, students as well as teachers dressed up as characters from books. This was to bring the life of books alive for the younger students in the Juniors. A huge amount of students had participated. We had special visitors in our school. For example, Mrs.Sylvie who was dressed up as Gangsta Granny. (Author: David Walliams) 

Monday, 25 July 2016


Today is the first day back at school and today we were learning about Advertising we wrote a twenty-five worded paragraph about what advertising is. 

Monday, 4 July 2016

Story Scramble

Dear Reader,

Once there was a Lawyer he lived a huge house somewhere over that beautiful Rainbow, He lived with 3 lovely Unicorns,

The Unicorn Jack he was Blueđź’™, Jack was  the cleaning Unicorn, Jack cleaned and cleaned and cleaned all day he loved cleaning and the Lawyer love Jack. Jack would also the Lawyer

In the Lawyer's house also live a Yellowđź’› Unicorn his name was Hamish. Hamish was a cooker he loves cooking, cooking is his favorite thing to do he cooked breakfast lunch dinner and puddings. The lawyer also loved Hamish.

Outside was a Purpleđź’ś Unicorn her name was Micaiah she was the Gardener, Micaiah would always do the gardening she loves it, as much as the lawyer loves her. Micaiah likes gardening in the summer because it doesn't rain.

Jack, Hamish, Micaiah and the lawyer live together forever and ever with so much love.

This is my story I went on this site called Story Scramble to make it, I really liked using this site because instead of using your own choices the comport gives you a topic for you.

Life Education

Today we were in the life educations bus with Nicole. We were learning about our body systems. we learnt about how the brain sends messages to our body. We also learnt about the five scenes that help our brain to work like smell sight hear and taste. We learnt about the nervous, circulatory and the muscular systems. We learnt about the heart and what its purpose and why the reason people thought out heart was the shape of an actual love heart.