Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bulford Kiwi

This is a poster that Oh S'Mar, June and I made together about the Buford Kiwi. We found out about the Bulfore Kiwi in a story called Harry's War. It was about a man who had to fight in the World War One. At the end of World War One the New Zealand soldiers were stuck at England because there were know boats to bring them back to New Zealand. Why'll they were there in England they got told to build a Kiwi using chalk. I found it interesting that there was know boats to bring the soldiers back to New Zealand.

Monday, 6 April 2015

When ERO Came to Visit School

On Monday two people from ERO came and visited us at school we got to meet them at assembly they said hello to us and told a bit about them self. They were very nice, our school leaders Fine and Juliano, showed our visitors around the school.Then they came to my class room. We showed them around and they said that they really like our class and were liking Panmure Bridge School. They were excited for the time that they were going to have a panmure bridge school.