Monday, 25 August 2014

Interactive Drum Show

On Wednesday two people came to our school they names are Johnny and Lucy. They tort us how to play the drums they also tort us a beat but if we forgot the frist beat we can say the words "I like drums  I like drums I like drums drums drums". This helped us to get the beat right then it was easy and fun. I liked it when Lucy played a very cool.

The Auckland Museum

On Monday we went to the Auckland Museum. We had a very nice welcoming from a lady called Mama Piri and her friends. Then we learnt about three names for the Pacific Ocean the names are Polynesia, Melanesia and  Micronesia. I learnt that Polynesia means a group of island that live in the pacific ocean, Melanesia means a group of island were more black people live then white people and Micronesia means a group of very small island. Then we had lunch and split into groups. We had free time to look around the museum my favorite part was the wild child.

Friday, 22 August 2014


On Thursday we had our last netball session.  Marian, our netball coach, told us all the skills for netball. We played a hole game of netball the winner was the white team they got 10 points. My favorite session was when we played a game of netball I had lots of fun.

Kiwi Kids Quiz

Today Jasmine and I got a 100% on our Kiwi Kids Quiz.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

kiwi kids

Today I read a news page on kiwi kids news it says that sport drinks are not good for kids at all. I think that we stop buying sport drink and drink water for the water taps. here is the link.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Push and Pull

If I was to migrate because of war or something bad happening I would migrate to Miami. In Miami it always very hot, sunny also because the people in Miami are very very kind and friendly. The beach is calm it has waves as small as a surfboard. They are much nicer than the beach's here in New Zealand.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Weekend

Today I went to Kiwi Valley. There were lots of farm animals like goat's, pigs, sheep, emus, baby bunny's, baby guinea pigs, rats, chickens and horses. In a little patting barn there was one baby goat it was very small it was black white and brown in the patting barn there was baby sheep also both of them were so so cute. When we went outside I saw three other baby goats and a big white goat the babies were nice the big white goat was very mean to all the babies. After we feed the goat's we went for a horses ride on my first ride I ride a horses called Zoe.  

Monday, 4 August 2014

Duffy Theatre

Today we had a visit from Duffy. There were three people there names are uncle Bingo Rosie and Duffy. It was a little play about uncle Bingo being a cool rugby player he comes to visit his nephew, Duffy. When he got there Duffy was happy to meet he uncle Bingo for the first time. Duffy find's out that his uncle doesn't like to read book's, Duffy thinks he can't read. Duffy says  " hay uncle Bingo I know what is wrong. You can't read" uncle Bingo said I can read I read the new paper about me and magazines about me all the time. Duffy and Rosie then think what can we do then Rosie said "we can make the Very Best Book " Duffy angers so they got a big book and put every store topic in the book. When uncle Bingo is living then they give him the book. he open's the book and poof. A web full of animals and things like that came out of the book, Duffy helped him out then Bingo said " I told yous I don't do books" Rosie gave him a book. On his flet back he read's the book. He goes on the fled and plays rugby the also dose some ballerina things. He wins the game and the messenger was read read.