Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Recount

 Tree Tops 

 We were on our way the a place called Tree Tops. When we got to Tree Tops it looked so cool and it looked fun. First we had morning tea for twenty minutes, after we had morning tea everyone got put into three groups, I was in the last group because I was in the last group my group got to watch the other groups get their harness and helmet on. When it was our groups turn to get our harness and helmet on. I was excited that we were on the trees next. Before we could go on the trees we had to do a safety check then we had a practice with a smaller course.Then we could go on to the higher courses the first course I went on was course three. On course three it had a long rope that I had to hold onto. I tried to jump on the next piece of wood with the rope. I had to do that until I got to the end. Then I started on the next thing on course three it was fun and very easy. I had to complete courses one and two so I could go on the other courses. Course’s one and two were like the same they both had a swing called the tarzan swing, it’s a long rope that I needed to sit on then push off the platform. After I was off the platform I swang into a very big net I clipped myself on to the net. It felt scary my hands were shaking my legs felt like they were asleep but I made it and it was fun and a little harder. After I did course one two and three I had some lunch then I went to course four. This course looked fun it was very high. It had a cool looking board I could ride so I went onto course four. The first things I saw was a rope. One rope that I walked across I kept falling but it was ok because my life line held me when I fell. I was happy that I didn’t get hurt. After I completed the walk across a rope there was a skateboard on some ropes. I stood on the board and pushed off it was awesome I got to the end of course four. I wanted to go on course eight so just incase I was too late to go on it I went on to it right after course four. I was right I only had time to do one more course so I went to course eight. It was cool I had to climb one letter then I jumped on to five pieces of wood. It was hard and fun. Then I had to go on the tarzan swing again. This one was very very high the net was hard to clip onto. I jumped onto the platform that was easy then I had to climb a letter again. When I got to the top of the letter it was so so so very high. Then a flying fox was there so I hooked onto it and went down. I was as scared as a mice getting chased. When I got my harness and helmet off we went back to sat on the bus I was tired. I had lots of fun at Tree Tops.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Rock Climbing

Today I went to Climb Zone I had so much fun. My favorite climbing wall was this wall that I had to go up it then when I got to half way the wall turned up and made it harder for me, but I made it to the top of the wall. Also on Saturday I went to my Mum's friend's wedding it was nice after the wedding was a bufay the cake was very very very very nice and yum.

Friday, 4 July 2014

My Art Reelection

I have been doing some cool art at school called colour mixing. This is what we did, we chose a picture of a land piece and had to enlarge it to a bigger piece of paper and put lines throw the paper long ways and side ways then we stared to paint but frist we painted it a plan colour, then after that we got the paint colour's red,blue, white, black and yellow. We had to mix our known brown green gray light blue and more. then when it was dry it looked like this.


Term 2 Reflection

This term we have been doing lots of different things and a lot of hard work.

In writing I was learning to write a information report, I am doing my information report on the New Zealand sea lion. I learnt about where it lives and it's predator also about how they behave around people. I found out that they are only found in the south of New Zealand on the beaches and the rocks, they also have to be carful in the sea because grate white sharks kill them and so do killer wales.New Zealand sea lion are not a good playmate because they can hurt you and the sea lions will get mad if you through things at the sea lions.

This term we did some art called colour mixing. Mrs Miller had found some land scape picture's for the class to chose then every one chose a picture. After that we got chalk and drew the picture and put some lines on. then we enlarged it on to a bigger piece a paper and painted the plan black, blue, white and green. then I drawed the line back on then we mix lots of colours together and made cool as colours see.

I had lots of fun in term two and I can't want until term three.