Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Home Learning (pay it forward)

Part of last night's home learning was to something for someone else. I chose to help make diner I decided to help make diner because, in my house the diner is very annoying to make and my mum is the one who had to deal with making diner all the time, I felt I should help my mum. because when my mum's making diner I do some unhelpful, but last night I help her make diner and I got it done. My mum was really happy that I helped her with making diner.


Jasmine said...
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Latham said...

Hi Paige, its good to know you did the pay it forward homework by helping your mum make dinner.
Keep up the great work.
From Latham

Jasmine said...

Hi Paige
I think that you pick a really great pay it forward.You get to help ur mum dinner and got to learn what to make.
I think you did great keep up ur great work

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