Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Today we had a special assembly where Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi came to visit us. When we had all sat down we have our own little team trivia. One team was "Ryan's team" and the other team was "John's team." John and his team won the game. They then talked about hauora (health and well being). They talked about how much sleep we should have a night, about being hydrated though out the day, and about belonging. We talked about belonging to a team,  a family, a friendship group and a team. At the end of the assembly everyone ran up to take photos with the boys.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Get WIse

Get wise

Not managing money properly due to outside pressures eg- cultural expectations 
Crossroad choice = easy v hard path - hard = variety
Work hard to achieve what you want
Tools to make us smarter with money...
Money is good and bad - different pressures
Bank account to help us manage and grow our money 
1. Spend me some on you... Save some too!
2. Training in sport is like saving - the earlier you start the better off you'll be
3. Ways to earn
4. Free $$ from interest
5. Eftpos card
6. Credit card
7. Save your $$ in the bank

Earn money thru chores at home and in the neighbourhood, sell and trade
Bank account will grow your money thru interest - reward for keeping money in bank

Eftpos card = my $ - can only get out what you put in - bank helps you keep it safe by adding a 4 digit PIN number 

Credit card = banks $ - pay interest to use it
Do the best job you can do - people are always watching

Buddy Read

Today Room 3 and 4 come up to LS2 while they were up here they buddied up with people from LS2 and we read books with each other.

Hover Bike

This is a poster that I have created advertising a 'Hover Bike.' My task with CJ was to use my language features/techniques to hook in my audience if they were to buy a hoverbike. 

Monday, 8 August 2016


 Today in inquiry we got put into groups. We then got given a strip of paper and that to cut it up into four pieces, on each piece we wrote the one of the four names from the four wall. One was Taha Tinana, hen there was Taha Whanau, Taha Hinengaro and the last one was Taha Wairua.
Under each wall we wrote what it meant.
We then picked all four walls up and put them all together. We found that if one wall has fallen then all the other walls will fall. I learnt that you need to look after all four of your wall to be able to be happy