Thursday, 15 December 2016

End of the Year

It is almost the last week of the school year for Panmure bridge, LS2 Have each made some sort of collage/movie of their learning over the year. June, Jasmine and I made a 2 in half minute video showing photo’s of our learning journey over the year, we enjoyed going back and looking at all the memories in the photos we had in LS2. We (Jasmine June and I) are really excited to share our learning over the year with the world.


Nazella said...

Hi Paige,

Great movie, I love the pictures you used. I really love how you added pictures of Athletics Day and the rocket pictures from Tech. What was your favorite part this term?

sylis said...

Hi Paige
This movie that you have made looks great. It is sad that the Y8's have to leave but the movie looks great.
Keep up the good work for the last couple of days!

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