Thursday, 11 August 2016

Get WIse

Get wise

Not managing money properly due to outside pressures eg- cultural expectations 
Crossroad choice = easy v hard path - hard = variety
Work hard to achieve what you want
Tools to make us smarter with money...
Money is good and bad - different pressures
Bank account to help us manage and grow our money 
1. Spend me some on you... Save some too!
2. Training in sport is like saving - the earlier you start the better off you'll be
3. Ways to earn
4. Free $$ from interest
5. Eftpos card
6. Credit card
7. Save your $$ in the bank

Earn money thru chores at home and in the neighbourhood, sell and trade
Bank account will grow your money thru interest - reward for keeping money in bank

Eftpos card = my $ - can only get out what you put in - bank helps you keep it safe by adding a 4 digit PIN number 

Credit card = banks $ - pay interest to use it
Do the best job you can do - people are always watching


Gita Naicker said...

Hi Paige, you need to put up a blurb before you blog it so people will know what you talking about.

Robyn Anderson said...

Please turn your notes into a DLO Paige.

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