Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Small Moment

The Mud Slide
by Paige

I woke up at 7 o'clock and cleaned my cabin. I rushed out and lined up for roll call. Everyone in my cabin was lining up too. When my cabin leader came out of her cabin she turned on the wake up song. After we all lined up, the leaders then told us we were on the mudslide all day. Everyone said yay. So we had some food then got our togs on. When we finish getting our togs on, the dog, Colonel, took everyone across the bridge to the mudslide. Then the instructors told everyone how to go down the slide. Two people went down at once. I was buddied up with a girl named Neve because we didn’t have a brother or sister to go down with. She was always at the back because she knew that she would get a mouth full of muddy water. She was very funny. When we got to the bottom of the slide I got a mouth full of muddy water. I didn’t like the mouth full of mud water and I didn’t like the soft mud at the bottom of the pool but I had fun lots of fun. Everyone had a lot of fun, well I know I did. I think that it was a long day for everyone. But the mudslide was so fun.


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