Friday, 4 July 2014

Term 2 Reflection

This term we have been doing lots of different things and a lot of hard work.

In writing I was learning to write a information report, I am doing my information report on the New Zealand sea lion. I learnt about where it lives and it's predator also about how they behave around people. I found out that they are only found in the south of New Zealand on the beaches and the rocks, they also have to be carful in the sea because grate white sharks kill them and so do killer wales.New Zealand sea lion are not a good playmate because they can hurt you and the sea lions will get mad if you through things at the sea lions.

This term we did some art called colour mixing. Mrs Miller had found some land scape picture's for the class to chose then every one chose a picture. After that we got chalk and drew the picture and put some lines on. then we enlarged it on to a bigger piece a paper and painted the plan black, blue, white and green. then I drawed the line back on then we mix lots of colours together and made cool as colours see.

I had lots of fun in term two and I can't want until term three.


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