Monday, 4 August 2014

Duffy Theatre

Today we had a visit from Duffy. There were three people there names are uncle Bingo Rosie and Duffy. It was a little play about uncle Bingo being a cool rugby player he comes to visit his nephew, Duffy. When he got there Duffy was happy to meet he uncle Bingo for the first time. Duffy find's out that his uncle doesn't like to read book's, Duffy thinks he can't read. Duffy says  " hay uncle Bingo I know what is wrong. You can't read" uncle Bingo said I can read I read the new paper about me and magazines about me all the time. Duffy and Rosie then think what can we do then Rosie said "we can make the Very Best Book " Duffy angers so they got a big book and put every store topic in the book. When uncle Bingo is living then they give him the book. he open's the book and poof. A web full of animals and things like that came out of the book, Duffy helped him out then Bingo said " I told yous I don't do books" Rosie gave him a book. On his flet back he read's the book. He goes on the fled and plays rugby the also dose some ballerina things. He wins the game and the messenger was read read. 


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