Monday, 15 December 2014

2014 Year Evaluation

What made This Year Awesome
This year was awesome because at the start we had a school picnic at Easter Beach it was so much fun.we also had Kiwi Can with Miss Latoya and Mr M, I learnt how to be awesome there I had so much fun. At swimming this term I improved on my swimming arms and legs. My instructor was James he was a cool teacher to me he helped me with kicking then using my arms. This year was so much fun with my Awesome teacher Miss Miller.

Things I learnt at School
I learnt how to use speech marks, comma and other punctuation. I learnt that everyone in New Zealand Migrated for some where easel in the world then came to New Zealand by plane and boat. We also learnt how gravity works I thorough that all our planets in our solar system were flat but there are all round and all orbit the sun. The sun is the only star in our solar system and also the closest star to Earth. Earth is the only planet with liquid water.

What I'd Like to do Next Year
I'd like to do lots more math, reading and writing. I'd also like to go to teck and learnt about since and comical and making cool things. I also want to learn to make nice art. I want to learn more about my chrome book and I want to learn more cool things on my laptop.


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