Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Five Minute's Of Camp

Five Minute’s Of Camp

Mr Grady and I had found the letter A! I had taken a photo of it as a memory when looking back at the experience at camp - especially since Mr Grady and I had beat everyone in finding all the letters! We were really good at orienteering. After I had taken the photo, Mr Grady and I were back to running. The next letter we needed to find was L. I looked at the map, L was the hardest letter to find out of all the letters, so Mr Grady had a look at the map then all of a sudden - he starts to run! He knew where to go, so I followed him. We ran past all the other orienteering. The clue was ‘on the path’. I looked everywhere on the path then I heard Mr Grady shout “Found it!” - it was on the side of the path. L was our last letter to find. We ran back to the instructor hoping we had run, amazingly, we were the first to finish!



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