Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Last Baskball Session

Our Final Basketball Session went well. We did our Usually warm-up, then we went onto playing an actual Basketball Game. After the basketball game we played Golden Child. When one team shoots and tries to get it in the hoop while the other team, one person would run until the other team gets the ball into the hop and that persons would stop. Then After the person goes. If the person can gets all the way to the other side, then they are safe. When it comes up to the last person, that last person is called "Golden Child" where they run and when they pass the people who were out, that person follows them to the end. While the other team hurrys and rush to get the golden child out and while the golden child runs passed the other people they would get up and run as fast as they could to win. We played that until our time was up. I really enjoyed the basketball session. I got a shoot in the hoop and I got the chance of being Golden child. I had so much fun. 


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