Friday, 25 November 2016

Athletics Day

Today we had athletics day, It was really exciting experience. The year 8 were split into three groups and I was in one of the groups. As a group we cheered each other on to complete the course or obstacle. We only got up to five obstacle which they are rob the nest, sponge relay, long jump, shot put and hula hoop throw. We came first in each obstacle except for shot put, we came second in shot put. We had a amazing time but it was very unfortunate that we didn't get to finish all the obstacle, credits to bad weather. It was really good too see people cheering our team mates on and showing respect to one another.


Kylie Harding said...

Well done in your writing. from mum

Jasmine said...

Hey Paige,
Athletic sounded like fun! Your team must have been good if you can first in most of the course.
Keep up the good work

Breeana said...

Hi Paige

From reading your blog post it sounded like you had lots of fun at athletics day. You still had fun even though it was raining. Keep up the good work Paige!

From Breeana

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