Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Direct Speech

“Do you think schools should provide breakfast for kids?” asked Jasmine.
“Yes they should, remember when you went to school and was hunger and you were asking people for food then they made fun of you, you didn’t like it so why would they like it?” stated Paige.
“It’s not funny to be hungry and get made fun of”remarked Jasmine.
“I know so do you think they should provide breakfast in school’s? I know I think they should” Paige explained.
“Well yea because some parents can’t afford food for their family” Jasmine said.
“So we’re on an agreement?” Paige wondered.

“Yes, Yes we are,” Jasmine wept     


Zeba said...

Hi Paige !

I love your direct speech you created with Jasmine and I'm sure you had allot of fun creating it. I love how real it seemed . I was really impressed in your direct speech.

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