Thursday, 3 December 2015

Choosing a New Flag For New Zealand

All the pupils in Panmure Bridge School voted for which ever flag they liked best, in the options above. We had 4 minutes to read each flag's meaning behind it independently, 3 minutes to get with a partner and talk about your reasons for why you like the flag you're going to chose, 2 minutes to find a new buddy and talk with them about it, and then 1 minute to find a group of 4 to discuss your own perspectives on each flag. We did this because we work better together. 3 of the people in our group chose the last flag in the picture, for reasons such as: I made personal connections to it, It represents multiple cultures and also because it is instantly recognized as New Zealand's. 2 of the people in our group chose the first flag for reasons such as:  I liked the design and because it's easily recognized as ours due to the Silver Fern. Although they are very alike, we still had reasons for choosing the other flag. The 3 of who chose the red flag, liked it because it represented blood, yet some of us chose the black flag because it represents our history and the night.

The flags we chose are above. The first flag is the flag that 2 of the people in our group voted for and the last flag is the one that 3 of the people in our group voted for. 


Rachel Williamson said...

Dear Paige,

It is very interesting to see that your group clearly preferred the flags with the ferns and with the most colour. I certainly like flags that are quite colourful, too! In fact, two of my favourite flags are the flags from Chile and Malaysia because they are so bright. Have you ever seen them?

If you're interested in seeing the flags and in learning a bit more about these countries, you can visit the Summer Learning Journey website ( It has lots of great information about these countries along with fun activities for you to complete. Each completed activity is worth points. The students who have the most points at the end of the summer will earn prizes.

Please consider hopping online to join the Summer Learning Journey today. I'll check back in tomorrow to see if you've joined us. I hope that you will join:)

Cheers, Rachel

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