Monday, 7 December 2015

Dear Term Four Me

LI: To Reflect on Personal Goals.

Dear Term One Paige.
I have had the bestest year being in room 5 with all these amazing people and my lovely teacher I have leveled up in all my subjects I have work so so very hard to do this and I’m hoping to become head girl next year I think watching Fine do all that hard work be an awesome head lader has made me think that I can do it too.Camp was also part. of this year I loved it so much it was GREAT, everyone become closer and closer everyday I loved how we are all close now. We are moving into the new classrooms they look completely different to the ones we have now! I can’t wai. I have tried very hard to ignore all distractions this year but I have to be honest if I say I ignore ALL then I’d be lying. Most of my tasks are complete and uptodate but again if I said I had completed every single task I would be lying. I have to say this has been the best year for me and I really can’t wait to see what next year has hidden for me I hope it’s a completely different year hard challenges and fun times.

This is my letter back to term one me. I am happy about all that I have done this year and I really do love being in this class and I have be friended every single one of the people in this class over the year and I'm going to sure miss the people in the class, that are moving to other school and/or going off to collage.


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