Monday, 7 December 2015

What is problem solving :Maths:

What is problem solving?
Problem solving, What is it?
Well problem solving is when you are looking to find an answer that's not there so then you will have the best aspect to complete your problem.
Problem solving, Do you only use it in maths?
No, You use it everywhere you go even on your way to where you are going, you use problem solving when you are looking for your lost left sock that hides all the time, You use it when you on the road and you're looking for signs to help you get to Nana's and papas house.
You are always solving problems even when you don’t know it.

Today in maths we had to write a maths paragraph on What is problem solving? we had to do this because when we do test on write about maths we don't do so well, So our teacher Mrs Anderson said "Write me a maths paragraph on What is problem solving" and we did. She then told us to find a critical friend and tell them about what you wrote. We then commented on eachothers work.


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