Friday, 4 March 2016

Writing, Navrtive

It would never have happened if she hadn’t of been late.

It was almost midday, Rebecca was sitting in her big black Jeep she was waiting, Waiting for the light’s to turn green, It felt like it has been nearly forever scenes the last time she had seen a green light, she was still waiting but she sits there it was ultimately quite the only thing she could hear was her golden Swiss watch ticking “Tick Tick”.

Time was wasting, she sat in her hot car as she watched in her revive mirror more and more cars collected up behind her car, Rebecca was starting to worry, she could see the other car starting to stop she thought in her head it has to be my turn next.

Rebecca had only the very last five minutes to get to her launch party that she was hosting, it was a launch party to tell everyone about her good new and she really didn't want to be late, she had planned this lunch for the past three months and she knew that everyone one would be so happy to hear about her bun that has started  to cook.

She was only halfway there she quickly looks at her watch but instead she felt her belly kick, she smiles she's happy that she could feel the kick even though it kind of hurt she was pleased, she looked at her watch again to find that it was... “12 O’clock!” “I’m really late come on light green amando” she says to try and magically change the light but... it didn’t work she was still waiting.

She finally arrived she hops out of her black jeep, She is so excited she walks inside thinking of way to greet everybody but apologise at the same time she walks through to the big white hall she has a smile on her face that could reach the rainbow outside she stops at the doors that open her to all the people she invited  she walks closer and closer she grabs the handle slowly so pulls to open the door, it opens she looks up with a smile but then that smile turns to  a frown because nobody was there.

It would never have happened if she hadn’t of been late.

By Paige

Today I wrote this navritive I am happy with what I have done.


Micaiah @ Panmure Bridge School said...

hey Paige
I really liked your narrative it put a clear pitcher in my mind and made me want to read it til the end. I really liked how u used powerful adjectives and it was very interesting.

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