Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Yes or No

Making an imformed choice

Today we had our second vote for the New Zealand flag.  We got into our groups and wrote down reasons for Yes (We should) and reasons for No (We shouldn't). We then came together and shared what we had written down, Mrs Anderson put what we shared with the class on the whiteboard. She told us that we were now going to vote on a peace of paper. She gave us a piece of paper with a picture of the new flag and the old flag. We then had to tick the boxes under the flag we wanted we all did it at the same time. We then hide our papers as we put them into the envelope. After we had finished all of the voting Mrs Anderson told us that we had just made a choice based on information.


Chelsea Donaldson said...

It is important to make an informed choice about important topics like changing the flag. You and Zahn had some great ideas for why we should and shouldn't change the flag. Putting the classes ideas all together helped LS2 to make an informed choice because there were lots of ideas both for changing the flag and keeping the original one.

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