Monday, 25 April 2016


Today I have started to read Geronimo Stilton smarty 

pants I have read 10 pages so far my completion of the 

pages I have read so far is that.

Trap has interred into an annual practical joke and 

gadgets competition vin Geronimo Stilton got an email 

saying he was invited to participate in a study on unique 

thinkers the super smart foundation of extremis 

intelligent and would like him to be the future tower by 

11 today but he was too busy because he had to go to 

presenter gold award somewhere so he asked Trap to go 

in he's place, Trap didn't want to go but then benjamins 

told him there was serving lunch. Trap goes to the 

building and wait to be study on little does he know it 

wasn't just for a test but that he would come out 

completely different.


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