Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Writing a Story

The Unnamed

“We can send her to get the...” whispered the first guy.
“Shhhhhhhh what if they’re in here, c’mon think before you speak!” the second guy pointed out.
“MMMMMMMMMMGGGGHHHHHMHMMMGMMHHHH” Lucy tried to scream. She tried to untie the ropes that were around her ankles. She couldn’t believe how many knots were between her and the way out. She suddenly heard the two men which made her stay as silent as she could so she wouldn’t draw attention to herself. She felt the rope loosening as she tried to shuffle off the hay without anyone noticing.

She hit the ground. Lucy felt scared because the ropes were still holding her prisoner. It had become a matter of life or death in Lucy’s head. Her heart was racing. Lucy just wanted to get out! She then heard the two men muttering about something. She eavesdropped:  “You can’t just throw a (you know what) when you have a person tied up out back, you idiot!” The first guy said
“Shut up Kyle! You don’t know anything,” The second guy said.  “Kyle? hmmm” Lucy sat for a bit thinking, she was wondering if it was all a joke. If this was just a prank. She finally untied herself. She tiptoed over to the big door. She pulled it open, hoping no one would hear.

“Hello?” Lucy was worried. “Anyone here?” She asked as if someone was going to reply “Yes, just in the kitchen want a sandwich?” She laughed in her head.
“Oi who’s there? I know you can hear me!” said a loud voice. “Get out of here!” He yelled as loud as he could.
She ran through the door.

With a sigh of relief she opened her eyes to find cows in front of her. “Hi Mr Cow I’m just going to walk down here... please don’t hurt me...” Lucy begged, trying carefully to avoid eye contact.
“Oi who are you!? What are you doing here?! This my land! growled this Kyle.
“I was just admiring your cows... “ replied Lucy. He ordered Lucy to leave. She got to the road. BANG! Shots rang out behind her. Lucy began to run...


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